Sauna Rules

Entry is strictly permitted for people over the age of 18 only!


1. Do not touch any part of the stove including stones, oven door & wood. 

 2. Do not place or cover anything on or near the stove. 

 3. No jewelry should be worn on skin or clothing as it may cause heat burn. 

 4. Avoid eating before you take a sauna as you could become nauseous. 

 5. No creams and lotions as they will run and clog your pores. 

6. No eating in the sauna. No alcoholic    beverages. Drinking alcohol can lower blood pressure and may cause dizziness when in the sauna.

7. Be very careful when moving about in the sauna, as the benches and floors may be slippery.

8. Never throw water on the stones when there are people near the stove, as the hot steam may burn their skin.

9. Do not stay in the sauna for longer than 10 to 15 minutes at a time. You should use the buffer zone or step out of the sauna for a light stroll.

10. If you start to feel dizzy, nauseous, or lightheaded please alert me (Conor) straight away

11. Enjoy your view!!